HOSE International & AqualisBraemar from strength to strength

Back in November 2019 – HOSE International and AqualisBraemar signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly provide Well Control & Rig inspection services to the offshore industry.

Aberdeen-based HOSE (Hands-On Subsea Engineering) International specialises in inspection, re-activation and project support on well control equipment, whilst AqualisBraemar offers rig inspection services globally through a network of offices in 33 countries.

HOSE International is primarily providing services related to Well Control Equipment Inspection, Verification, Assurance and Project Support during Rig Reactivation, intake and Major Maintenance periods. This is achieved through its highly experienced Subsea Engineering team. Through the partnership with AqualisBraemar, HOSE International will focus on independent auditing of Well Control Equipment auditing.

AqualisBraemar has a dedicated Rig Inspection team that consists of Engineers all with decades of practical Rig Inspection experience covering Drilling Systems, Marine Systems, Dynamic Positioning Systems & HSE.

“When approached by AqualisBraemar about forming a partnership we wanted to be sure that both companies made a fit regards integrity of services.  We are very much focused on providing fit for purpose solutions to our clients and this something that AqualisBraemar also commit to. To that end both companies feel that together we can offer complete Rig Inspection services that are class leading due to our combined expertise, experience and competency which is uniquely ringed by our subject matter expertices within Well Control Equipment and Dynamic Positioning Systems.

The first Inspection commenced during December 2019 with our teams successfully completing a Rig Intake Inspection program, delivered safely and on time. We received highly complementary feedback from our client and their Drilling Contractor.  I believe this is testimony to the collaborative approach that HOSE International and AqualisBraemar in treating every project uniquely, building a tailored Inspection to every Rigs equipment,” Says Richard Brennan, Managing Director – HOSE International.

HOSE International and AqualisBraemar have now completed several Rig Intake and Rig Selection Inspections for a number of Oil & Gas operators over the previous six months with excellent feedback being received on all projects. Our services provide demonstratable value with operational uptime.

“There remains an air of caution within the Oil & Gas Industry, however we are being awarded an increasing number of Rig Inspection contracts globally. In support to meet these contracts and also as a positive sign of our commitment to our clients and industry, we have expanded both our Offshore Engineering and Onshore Support teams,” says Steven Lee, Director Offshore Technical Services at AqualisBraemar.

To find out how HOSE International and AqualisBraemar can support your Rig Inspection requirements please us on the following:

HOSE International:
Tel +44 (0) 1224519599
Email wce@hoseinternational.com

Tel +44 (0) 191 5197202 Ext 7456
Email rig.inspection@aqualisbraemar.com


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